Motiva Training - Edgar Ned Gravel ISO 17025 Expert

MOTIVA seeks feedback as the best tool to measure the delivery of services against participant needs. MOTIVA gathers feedback from all training delivered and provides appropriate response on all comments submitted by participants. See our online Feedback Form here.

MOTIVA publishes all the feedback received from training participants (using this form) and these are listed below.  This listing includes all the feedback that MOTIVA Principal, Ned Gravel has received since 2001.  Many feedback summaries shown were originally published on other websites.  Each link below opens a separate page with all of the summaries of feedback received in the year noted.  Each course feedback summary is listed individually.

MOTIVA customers are encouraged to read the feedback below, so that they document their formal qualification of MOTIVA as a supplier of laboratory training.  Not all feedback is entirely positive.  But MOTIVA believes it is all very useful.

(While employed at the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation)

(After employment at the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation)

ONLINE Training Feedback

MOTIVA Online Training also seeks feedback from online training customers but feedback results are arranged by course name instead of by session.  Online participants come one-at-a-time and the result would be an overwhelming number of feedback forms.  MOTIVA retains the originals on file and displays only the summary here.  Click on any of the years below to see the summary of feedback received to date on the online courses listed on that page.  Only courses that have actually been offered as online courses are listed.