Motiva Training - Edgar Ned Gravel ISO 17025 Expert

North American ILAC-Signatory Accreditation Bodies

These links are to the North American accreditation bodies that are signatory to the ILAC Arrangement. See for the complete listing.  They are shown here in alphabetical order.

These bodies provide specific instructions to labs regarding methods of application for accreditation, fees, processes for accreditation, uncertainty requirements, traceability requirements and other accreditation-related issues. 

MOTIVA Training can provide assistance to persons who just want to talk about navigating their way through the mountain of choices.  No charge.  Note that our Conflict of Interest requirements do not allow MOTIVA staff to consult with a laboratory and then participate in its assessment.

In the end, the laboratory must deal with the accreditation body of their choice, but we can help labs figure out which questions to ask beforehand.